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Colour Study x2 at The Distillery District



Close up of acrylic colour bars in weird tea cup sculpture thingy at The Distillery District.

Little One Sunday Starbucks
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Taking a break on a great day with my little one.


Bike Be Gone

Pretty sure this poor wheel is all that’s left of someone’s bike. Bike thieves suck.


Searching for Ideas on Queen Street


Fall Trees out Queen West Way


Parkdale Love Seat
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Lovebot’s Heart on a Parkdale Wall


Seasons Changing Again
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Thoughts – I’m Getting Really Good at Taking Bad Pictures…
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I’ve been taking more and more crap pictures lately. Tonnes of garbage. I used to kind of gauge my photowalks by my ‘strike rate’ – the number of good images out of total images shot. I never tallied this but just had a sense that for every 100 clicks there would always be about 5 or 6 pretty decent shots that I liked and would have no problem posting. But lately, I’ve been getting maybe 1 or 2 out of 300 or so… a drop from say 5% to less than 1%… Enough that it has made me wonder why.

Am I losing my vision?

Is it getting harder to find new and unique things to shoot?

Have I lost my desire to explore?

Lots of questions. No answers.

It’s been like this a while. It’s made me wonder if this ‘hobby’ / ‘artistic endeavour’ has run its course in me. I’ve even contemplated scuttling this whole site (or at least put it into hibernation for a while) but alas this approach never solved anything, nor does it get to the root of the issue.

After all, photography to me is therapy.

And so I have simply concluded that strike rate and success are not the same thing. Success to me in photography is the mere attempt at trying to capture and record a feeling in something seen.

It requires a camera and the eye to see it all but most importantly it requires a set of emotions and feelings to interpret what the eye is seeing and the camera captures. And this to me will never go away as long as I have a camera and try to take pictures the way I do.

Please enjoy.

Shoe Photobombs Floor Texture Still
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Love Locks from a Distance at the Distillery District


Love Locks Up Close at the Distillery District


For me, the camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.

Henri Cartier-Bresson