Taking a Puff while Crossing the Street

Been shooting a little with B&W film on vintage gear. Long process, steep learning curve… the usual – tech issues with 60 year old camera, figuring out exposure with manual settings and only an iPhone light meter, sorting out developing and scanning film, learning about silver halide wet prints vs inkjets from scans, dealing with scratches on negatives & dust specs on scans from lab… Sorting out how much to do by myself – do I want to build a dark room, process own film, do my own scans… my head is spinning somewhat and in usual me fashion I go down the rabbit hole of figuring out a ‘plan’ of what I’m going to do rather than just diving in and doing.

So I’m stopping the head spinning. Just going for it. Whatever that is. Here my first posted shot off first roll, developed and scanned by lab, touched up by me. The rest, we’ll see.

Gear: Leica M3, Summarit 50mm f1.5 w B&W UV filter and hood – all vintage late 1950’s
Film: Kodak 400 T-MAX

Faded Window Cover

Taking a Dip in Baia del Silenzio

e il bello deve ancora venire

Epilogue to a journey: e il bello deve ancora venire – and the beautiful one has yet to come.

Sestri Levanti from Above the Town

Tiles on a School Wall No.2

Tiles on a School Wall No.1

Rusty Gate Hinge

Sunlit Trees as Storm Rolls In
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A Storm Rolls In

Arno River Love Locks
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Boboli Gardens
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