Single shots that catch my eye.

Mar 12 2019

Spiderman skated by on Queen Street, Toronto.

Dec 2 2018
Aug 4 2018

This papier-mâché head adorns a salon window on Yonge St.

Jul 22 2018

Hudson Bay Window, Queen Street, Toronto

Jun 2 2018

Metric at Field Trip Festival in Toronto, June 2, 2018

Jun 1 2018

Passing a Yonge Street shop window on a Friday afternoon.

May 21 2018

A trio of Bell pay phones shot on Black & White film.

May 17 2018

A pair of shots from a stroll around Toronto.

Apr 8 2018

An ad at Bloor and Yonge blends into the background.

Mar 5 2018

Snapped this though the fence at the Elizabeth Street Garden.

Feb 18 2018

My neighbourhood very early on a winter morning.

Feb 18 2018

The Deco metal door is obscured by nearby construction remnants

May 26 2017

Snap of a Yonge and Dundas wedding shoot on the street.