Bay Street Lamps
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Bay Street Lamps

Bay Street Lamps

The Old Planetarium at Dusk
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Vintage TTC Sign at Museum Station
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TTC Sign

Window Mannequin at Holt Renfrew
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Window Mannequin

Bloor Street Box Flower
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Street Box Flower

Man Reflecting
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Nike sign

Yorkville Rain
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Yorkville Fountain

Near the big rock, this ‘fountain’ drips water down wires. Adds a nice ambiance to the space.

Look, no braces!
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Look no braces!

C flashing her pearly whites the day she got her braces off!

Sunset from Bathurst Street near Fort York
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Bridge Sunset

Bridge Sunset

Itsy Bitsy Spider
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There is a huge spider sculpture outside the National Gallery in Ottawa. It almost came to life in the face of fast changing weather.

Ottawa Spider

Ottawa Cityscapes
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Rain turning to sun led to some interesting light as I strolled around Ottawa.




More Ottawa
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National War Memorial:

National War Memorial

National War Memorial

Notre Dame Cathedral:

Notre Dame Cathedral