A few photos (approx. 1652) by me, Ken Raymond
Random Thoughts: Experimentation and Breaking the Mould
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Random thoughts here as I edit my next batch of photos… Still evolving and feel all over the place as a photog, still doing this just for me, wandering, exploring… I sincerely appreciate all the comments I receive and am surprised and happy that many of you do drop by my site and check out my work.

First comment is this site, I keep wanting to tear it down and redesign it or at lease evolve it. Not that I don’t like it but I like to keep it fresh. I have my digital paintbrush out and may change up a few things over the next few weeks.

As for the photos, I read something recently about getting out of your comfort zone, stop shooting the same stuff the same way again and again and i think with this next set I’ve tried a few new things, slowing down the shutter, clsoing down the aperture and really not giving a damn about motion or wobble. Some of these pictures have turned into pleasant surprises.

As for subjects, LA was back on my agenda so some new things to look at but sadly didn’t have much free time to wander with my camera. Have to admit I am getting bored of my hood and the walks from my house, will need to expand my geographic horizons as I continue to try to find myself through my lens.

Peace, Ken