Coloured Bees Waxed Logs Dancing
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Went to the Interior Design Show in Toronto over the weekend. Saw some cool stuff and near the end these coloured logs started to dance.


Girl Love
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Small graffiti tag on a switch box…


Some Subjects Won’t Sit Still
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Little One Helping Prep Dinner
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Our annual ‘Christmas’ dinner with my mom has turned into a Lobster supper. Here my little one is getting ready to drop Mike as she named it into the boil..


Grandma Ray Visits
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Delayed Christmas dinner with my mom and sister due to various illnesses and timing issues. Finally had them over on January 13. My mom dubbed it Indonesian Christmas, whatever the heck that means…


Train Parked Near Me
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Graffiti on the Train
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Pole on the Beach
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LOVE Letters on the Bench
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Happy New Year all. I don’t do resolutions, just themes. My 2013 theme is simply ‘love’. Love what u do, love your friends, love your family, love the world around you, love who u are, love love. Here some love letters on my bench.