Tears and Smiles at Graduation
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Here C and Fra at high school graduation.



Building Shield
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Soho Building Art
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Crossing 10th Avenue
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New York Cab Turning
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Tiffany Blue Hanging at The Standard Meat Packing
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NYC Street Scene
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Shot from the back seat of a cab.


Marines at WTC Memorial

Shot on Memorial Day Weekend at the World Trade Center Memorial.


Freedom Tower
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I’ve been in New York many times since that horrible day in 2001 but have never been able to bring myself to venture to the World Trade Center site, my emotions too raw, the memories too unsettling. The awfulness and horror of what happened will always be with me as it will with everyone. This past Saturday evening I was out for a walk in New York, the intention was to putter about Soho while waiting for a late dinner reservation. Instead of turning up into Soho from Canal something drew me south and I began walking down Church through Tribeca toward the new Freedom tower. It was post rain showers, the sky was clearing, the sun setting. The tower gleamed high up in the sky. With every block south my knees weakened more. This wasn’t going to be easy but I persisted spending a sombre hour walking around the site, looking into the Memorial Fountains. I shed a few tears. It still hurts.

Here a picture of the new Freedom Tower reflected in a puddle on Church St a few blocks north.

Wild Posting in Tribeca
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Not sure what this was advertising…



Tribeca Liquor Store
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