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Where the River meets the City

Dead Robin

Spinning Kate Boothman

I Hate Shaving

Big Maple throws a No Hitter against the Jays

Beer Guy at the Ballgame

Cat Man Riding the Subway

SumMErhill Series – May 8, 2018

May the Fourth Be with You

Jacked Up Coffee

Riding Season

Sometimes Life Bruises

Big Mac Love

Shoes on Wires en masse

Saying Goodbye

The Big Apple from the 401

Close Up Lips

Wet Pooch Outside Starbucks

Dainty Pie Picker Upper

Up Express to the Airport

Pampering the Feet

Buildings through a Vintage Picture on Glass

From the Street Car

Spring Snow on My Street

Testing Components on a Saturday Night

Raptors Lighting Up the Building

At the Barber Shop

When I was a kid growing up there was an old school Italian barbershop in the plaza where I’d be sent to get my haircut. On the newspaper table was a stack of Playboy magazines. At a certain age the courage was mustered to take peek which was followed by a smile and a nod from the barber… Today at Joes on Yonge St in Summerhill was a trip down memory lane.

Shoes, shirts and my Green Dresser

Sticks Out for Humboldt

So sad.

Wonder Woman at Silver Snail

Way Down

First Pitch

Smoak Bobblehead Day

SumMErhill Series, March 31, 2018

Night Bus Blues

Jen’s Last Shift Party (series)

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