How to Take a Good Photograph
November 11, 2015

Here are my three hard-and-fast rules for taking a good photograph:

  1. Procure a camera (of any kind, quality).
  2. Figure out how to turn it on, press the shutter and capture the image (also helps to learn how to get the image out of the camera and into a viewable form, though lacking this doesn’t technically prevent the taking of a good picture, it sure gets in the way of viewing it).
  3. Point the camera at something that captures your attention, sparks your imagination, intrigues you, makes you feel something and then press the shutter.

Simple. A good picture captured. Then repeat. Often.

To me, a bad photograph is the one not taken. A good picture is the one you take.

Don’t get caught up in the hyperbole of quality, artistic value, style, composition, lighting etc. These are all subjective qualities. Just take pictures. Use your eyes, heart and head. Trust your feelings. Your technical skills will evolve and improve with each exposure. Your own style will emerge through the act of doing.

It’s really that easy.

October 14, 2014
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February 18, 2018

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