September 4, 2018

Love is everywhere. So is hate.

One should be cherished, the other reviled.

One should be sought, the other shunned.

When lost in the quagmire of the in between, stuck in the middle, drawn toward anger and hate, remember that life is full of choices.

I choose love.

It gives me strength, provides me with hope.

It returns more than it takes.

It is free.

It frees.

Give love.  Feel love. Be love.

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Ken Raymond Photography - archives
My on-line photo archive (aka my old website) where I catalog my personal selects. 1,000+ images and counting. Some of them are decent.
Ken Raymond Photography - mylife
mylife is a photo series that captures the world around me as i see it using my iPhone and the Hipstamatic app. Since 2010 and the iPhone 3. Still going 8 years and 3 phones later...