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Aug 24 2019

A long sunset walk east along Dundas and Dupont from Runnymede to Spadina.

Aug 24 2019

A few collected shots from recent outings around Toronto.

Jul 18 2019

Took a long walk from Union Station to my house in the blazing sun.

Jul 12 2019

Free Friday at the Honda Indy was an opportunity to catch some practice and snap a few racing shots.

Jun 30 2019

Took my Leica M-P (240) with a late ’50’s vintage Summarit 5cm lens out for a walk around my neighbourhood.

Jun 25 2019

A man passes under the rail bridge in Summerhill.

Jun 25 2019

Ran an errand up at Yonge and Eglinton and took my 100mm macro lens out for a spin.

Jun 12 2019

This series from a roll of Tri-X shot on my Canon 1N.

May 28 2019

A few shots taken with a Leica M3 on Kodak Tmax film.

May 21 2019

This guy was taking notes and planning his next mission.

May 18 2019

A walk up Church Street with a roll of Tmax on my Canon 1N.

May 18 2019

Shot a roll of Ilford HP5 on a long walk from my house to Downtown Camera, dog in tow.

May 10 2019

A few collected shots from several short spring strolls.

May 3 2019

A great event put together by Downtown Camera had me out on the streets shooting a roll of Ilford HP5.

Mar 30 2019

Winter is finally making a retreat and spring colours are beginning to emerge on the streets of Toronto.

Mar 12 2019

Spiderman skated by on Queen Street, Toronto.

Dec 14 2018

The year winds down as the holiday season winds up. I am unwound.

Dec 2 2018
Dec 2 2018

A short walk through my neighbourhood on Sunday

Nov 18 2018

Some shots from the streets of Toronto on a late autumn Sunday.

Nov 17 2018

King Midas, street art, urbanity, a couple of ducks and the lake at night. Not a bad walk.

Nov 16 2018

A Friday wander through Downtown Toronto.

Nov 13 2018

Some odds and ends as I wander downtown Toronto

Nov 13 2018

Recent captures of Autumn’s palette in Toronto.

Oct 8 2018

A few shots from Downtown Toronto on a foggy Thanksgiving Monday night.

Oct 8 2018

A series of images taken from the GO Train heading west out to the suburbs.

Jul 23 2018

Blue Jays pitchers warming up in the bullpen from the front row of the bleachers.

Jul 8 2018

I came across a few things down in the ravine.

Jun 24 2018

Life, love, diversity and pride were on full display at the Pride Toronto 2018 parade.

Jun 9 2018

Took a short walk the other day. I needed some new white socks. I also was looking for some answers.

Jun 1 2018

A series of late afternoon street shots at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto.

May 21 2018

A trio of Bell pay phones shot on Black & White film.

May 19 2018

A long late Saturday afternoon walk through the alleys of The Annex past Bellwoods and to the edge of Parkdale.

May 18 2018

Playing with an old Japanese Graflex (c. 1959) and a test roll of film shot over 3 years!.

May 17 2018

A pair of shots from a stroll around Toronto.

May 14 2018

Walked home from downtown up the downtown core ducking in and out of various back lanes.

May 12 2018

I walked the entire length of Dupont Street, Avenue Road to Dundas West (approx. 7km) to get a pizza, many back alleys explored and pics taken along the way.

May 11 2018

Nature and the city intersect from down by the Lower Don River up to Queen Street East and across.

May 10 2018

The Cherry Blossoms were out at High Park and so were the masses with their cameras.

May 6 2018

A zig zag walk home from King Street West via Graffiti Alley