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Water, Land, Sky

“Pollution” by Yvon Cozic, 1973

“Pollution” by Yvon Cozic, 1973.

Little One in her Room

Score Pizza for the Win

Slot Car Track Curbs with Penske Camaro

Smores Time


Mark Zuckerberg in Yokville

Photo Lesson

Photography tip: wide strong base, height to that of subject, elbows tight to body, camera tight to face, accessories in small backpack, color coordinate outfit (including shoes). Oh and look behind stuff. Awesome @exit.enter.k street art piece behind the menu…. #photography #tips #streetphotography #travel #rome #trastevere #exitenter #streetart #graffiti #lategram #humantripod @fjallravenofficial #fjallravenkanken #backback #camera @canoncanada #canon #vans

Looking through the Keyhole

Piazza Navona

Toronto’s Urban Ninja in Rome

Gladiator Guy

Two Men on Brick Wall

Tourist Boat on the Tiber

Castel Sant’Angelo

Statue on Ponte Sant’Angelo

St. Peter’s Square

Da Otello In Trastevere

Pizza fo Breakfast

Exit Enter in Trastevere

Masked Woman

I Caesar

Betty Boop

Full Moon Over Rome

The Pantheon

Monument above the Trevi Fountain

At the Trevi Fountain Again

Trevi Fountain

Ferrari F1 Simulator

Spanish Steps


Alitalia = Flying Sardine Can

Seaside Infinity Pool at Taormina Belmond

Seaside Spritz

Sunshine by the Sea

Religion is Never Far Away in Italy

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