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Oprah in Toronto

Picture of Person Lying Nude on a Rock

Door in Graffiti Alley

Ronaldo (for Bryn)

On the Road to Kingston

Messages on the Rocks (x4)

Weathered Landfill

Toronto from the Leslie Street Spit

My Sweet Ride

Kona Jake the Snake

Post Feast Bike Ride

Polly Carving Up a Storm



Ready to Roast

Thanksgiving Turkey Prep

Mixed Gourds

Fall Flowers

Happy Face Breakfast

Tasty Post Game Tipsy Pizza

The Legendary Cora Pizza

Thursday Night Lights at Varsity

McMaster 44 – University of Toronto 6

Rapelling Down the Building for Easter Seals


Waiting for the Bus

Morning Rush Hour

Roger Waters, ACC, October 3, 2017

Be Kind, Love More

The 501 Queen Car Rolls By

Marked Up Poster

Buh Bye (redux)

This Burger Went Fast

Clouds Wires Street Tower

Friday Mood

Blue Haired Face

Rubber Mustard World HQ

Art Installation

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