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Accidental Double Exposure

These bikes aren’t going anywhere soon

Plethora of Plaid

Throwing my clothes on today

Pandemonium at the Raptors Game

Breakfast date

Happy Face Breakfast

Charlie Brown having a kick about

Making coffee before coffee

She really doesn’t want me to work

Shower head

How much is that doggy in the window

Charlie Close Up

Alien Martini Glass Shadow Face

Polly Pocket’s Birthday

Eaton Centre Bridge

My yard during the snow

Charlie Walking in the Snow

Alberta clipper hits town

Centre Court Seats

Work Stoppage

SumMErhill Series – January 19, 2019

Jays Winterfest 2019 Series

Dinner with my C

Grandma Ray Salting her Big Mac

My new Charlie Brown socks

Charlie helping me work

Queen’s Dad Present in Use

Score Pizza Kingston

Timmies on the Road to Kingston

Last Chance to Turn Around

Striding Along

Mother Daughter Playing on the Beach

Walking the Beach

Seven Mile Beach Life

Repping the T-dot

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