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Bringer of Rain Bringing it Home

Beer Guy Blocking the View

Beer dude doing the stand right in your view sales technique. I was going to do the down in front peanut toss response but was out of nuts.

Beauty and the Beast

Love Distilled

Classic VW Camper on My Street

Moody Bike Shot by the Lake

Bike Helmet Selfie

My Noble Steed

Cherry Beach Life Guard Station

What Do They Mean?

Yonge Street Scene

Watching the Storm

A Storm Rolling In

Getting Back on Her Feet

More Post Run Salty Sweat

Passing the Dome Again from the Go Train

Cheeseburger Redemption

On the Mend

Little One and One of her Faves: Osuna!

The View from the Bleachers

Hot Dogs at the Ballpark

Passing the Ballpark from the Go Train

Found a New Barbershop Today

Little One Helping Grandma with her Tea

The Pureed Fruit was Bitter

Uncle Tetsu’s on the Bus

CN Tower from the GO Platform

Mom Resting in the Hospital

GO Train Pulling into the Station

Gloves Gowns and Masks

Mall Circles

Little One Looking Up

Face in a Face

White Corvette on Roxborough

Yorkville Demolition

Jacked Up Coffee Truck

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