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The Ganaraska from the Train

Oh Grandma Ray…

Metric Giving It

Metric at Field Trip

Field Trip 2018

Field Trip Gets Rolling with Coffee in a Can

B before Work

Photo Booth at the WEL Party

Clouds, Tower and a Beer

Steam Whistle at the Roundhouse

WEL at B’nai Brith Conference

Standard CN Tower Shot

Toronto from Rebel at Sunset

Lager by the Lake

WEL at STEP Conference

My Hoopty


Broken Social Scene Up Close

Chilling on the Lawn

Broken Social Scene from the Lawn

SumMErhill Series – May 21, 2018

Batman in Yorkville

Spring Flowers

City from the End of the Spit

Lighthouse at the End of the Trail

Don River Abandoned Rail Crossing

Instagram Ready Graffiti

Dinner for One, The Black Hoof

Best Garage Graffiti Ever

Getting their Shot

Mom on Mother’s Day


2 Top Gun Soundtracks!


Skye Wallace at The Dakota

Sidewalk LOVE

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