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Starbucks Store Art


Public Mess

The Vessel

White Corvette in the Snow

Andretti Leads Hunt Past New Billboards

Winter Arrives

Sketch Stretch on My Street

Bashful Dinner Date

I Love Burgers

Vistek Profusion Photography Show

Biggest Maple Leaf Ever

Raptors Crush the Nicks

Charlie Doesn’t Understand Iice

Lou Lou’s Flower Truck

Spilled My Plastic Cement

Post Run Glow

Ralf Schumacher Passes the New Trees

Man Approaching Intersection

Fall Colours Reflected

Farmhouse Tavern Brunch

Landscaping on My Slot Car Track

Halloween Face Palm Selfire

New Skylight at the St. Clair Centre

She’s Got Teeth

Taking Charlie for a “walk”

Lucknow, Ontario

New Slot Cars for the Collection

Annual Slot Car Show

Slot Car Track

No Dogs Allowed in the Bagel Shop

My 1980’s JVC Boom Box

First Raptors Game 2018

Smashed Window

My Dessert turned into PacMan

Soup Prep

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