Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Welcome to my personal photo archive. I've been keeping this record of my wanders since 2009. It has taken many forms over the years and is essentially a personal photoblog. I am a hobbyist photographer who has earned a few paychecks for my work along the way but in no way do I consider myself a professional photographer. I am just a guy with a cupboard full of camera gear and enjoy documenting my life. I try to capture what I feel in what I see.

This archive has been offline for a couple of years hidden behind a password log in. I've just recently updated the design and it's now again public facing. If you're here I most likely sent you a link or you stumbled here from my Instagram account. Possibly you found an image on Google and clicked through... No matter how you arrived, I am humbled and flattered and happy for you to peruse my various images.

Home is Toronto. I wander often. Camera usually in tow. I stumble frequently. I always get up.

I shoot mostly digital but also periodically shoot black and white film. I am primarily a Canon shooter. My DSLR is the venerable 5D Mark II and my film camera is a vintage 1N. I do also have a pair of Leica's, the digital M-P 240 and a 1959 M3. My go to lens is a 50mm. I prefer prime lenses and have a full range of Canon L series glass. I also snap a lot on my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app and post these in a series I call My Life.

If you have any comments, want to collaborate, have your portrait taken, go for a photo walk, or grab a coffee and chat about photography, hit me up at Thank you for visiting!